About Us

Founded from art inspiration and elegance fashion.

Who we are

Founded from art inspiration and elegance fashion.

www.gemleague.com is one of the largest Government registered Gem dealers in the Pearl Of Indian Ocean Sri Lanka. Gemleague.com was originally founded in 1998 and gemleague.com starts functioning online from the year 2017.

Gemleague.com was established to educate interested Individuals with knowledge regarding Gemstones and solve the inadequacy to serve the requirements of Gem dealers and Gem hobbyists around the world through our advanced Database Management System.

Our League embraces Professional Gem dealers, Qualified Gemmologists & Experienced Gem Technicians who are determined to offer quality & opulence Gemstones and Knowledge about precious stones.

We source Precious Gem Stones from our Mines & we procure from direct dealers to fulfill our Valuable Client’s requirements timely and efficiently. We sell semi-Precious, Precious ,and Rare Gemstones Certified by Gemleague.com. We furnish GIA Authorized Lab Report Certificate for all Gemstones sold. Since we deal with direct dealers and mines we can assure our prices are competitive and economical. We are the only Gem dealer in Sri Lanka who assures a written Money Back Guarantee. We Gemleague.com are entirely determined to fulfill our client’s necessities at a competitive Value.