Do Diamonds Have Serial Numbers and Why?

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Do Diamonds have serial numbers?

Any expensive smartphone or gadget in the world has serial numbers. Serial numbers help us check the authenticity of the item and its features. But what about an earth-mined natural diamond? Do diamonds have serial numbers too?

Yes, they do. But the serial numbers of diamonds are different from that of other items.
There are many factors that affect the way you buy a diamond. They are different in their carat weight, color, clarity and cut. These features impact the quality of the stone and, of course, their prices too. But in addition to all these factors, diamonds have an inbuilt security feature, which is their serial numbers.

Not all diamonds have serial numbers, though. Only the graded and high-quality ones do. The reason is simple. It’s because they are more valuable.

And surprisingly, the serial number is engraved on the diamond. I had previously thought that engraving anything on a diamond was impossible. But here it is. Serial numbers are given and engraved by the GIA. This process is one of the most important certification processes of the stone. The serial number accurately matches the characteristics of the stone and the identification number on its certification documents.
This does not only happen in the United States. Other countries use this method of identification too. Serial numbers are like code numbers that can identify a diamond. It has a series of numbers and letters.

Serial numbers are inscribed by laser. This laser inscription is done on the edge of the stone with the GIA’s report number. It is usually found along the girdle of the diamond, between the upper crown facet and the lower pavilion facet. It’s on the thinner edge that separates, the lower half from the upper section of the diamond.

Diamonds that come with serial numbers are genuine, authentic ones. These gems have certification documents that verify their value, weight, cut and color.

The process of inscribing the serial number requires a lot of expertise and state-of-art equipment. The history of laser equipment goes back to the 1970s when scientists found that laser beams could be used to engrave diamonds.

The process includes finding the perfect spot of the girdle in the diamond and using a precise laser beam to inscribe the diamond. And no, in case you were wondering, the inscription does not affect the quality or brilliance of the diamond.

Diamond laser inscription can also be used to write customized personal messages on a diamond that weighs more than 0.18 carats.

Why are the serial numbers of diamonds important?

Serial numbers serve many useful purposes. Firstly, they verify you as the owner of the diamond. Just like having a deed when you own land, when you buy authentic diamonds with a serial number, your ownership is verified.

Secondly, gems with serial numbers are easier to recover during a theft. Because it can easily be identified as yours. Another advantage of having serial numbers is that it helps you have insurance policy coverage. If your diamond gets scratched or damaged, you can claim insurance cover to have it repaired.

These serial numbers also give you proof of their authenticity, and sellers can easily identify diamonds as theirs by the number. This is important because of the number of fake and illegally obtained diamonds called blood diamonds in the market today.

Another reason why it’s important to add a serial number to diamonds is that it helps you when you want to sell your diamond. When you have proof of ownership and genuine certification, the chain of custody is clear, and buyers can buy them without hesitation. This clear authentication will help you get the money the diamond is worth.

Diamonds with serial numbers are only sold at reputed jewelers. There are ones that sell only those diamonds certified by the GIA.

How to read the laser inscription of the diamond?

The laser inscription on the diamond is microscopic, and you probably will not notice it with the naked eye. It’s so tiny because it has to be inscribed in such a way that it does not affect the appearance of the stone.

Usually, you would be able to decipher it under a 20x magnifying power of a microscope. A laser inscription viewer is a powerful tool used by jewelers to easily read the serial number. There are also gemological microscopes used by professionals that are very expensive but make it easier to view the number. A digital microscope, on the other hand, is a more affordable option and easy to operate. It connects to your smartphone, where the serial number of the stone will be displayed.


So the answer to the query of do diamonds have serial numbers is a yes. But not all diamonds have them. Only the high-quality graded ones do. Serial numbers help us identify the quality and characteristics of the stone and match them with their certification documents. Inscribing serial numbers on diamonds do not affect their quality in any way, but only makes them more valuable and confirms their authenticity.

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