9 Most Valuable Green Gems of the World

most valuable green gems

Beautiful Green Gems: The Most Valuable green gems of all

Green gems come in wide varieties and prices. Emerald is the most popular gem that comes to mind when thinking of the most valuable green gems, but green gems include many other types, like diamonds and quartz. Green gems are symbolic of simplicity and nature. They are also considered to have many healing properties and are an exquisite addition to jewelry.

 Green gems would look amazing on white metals like white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. 

Green is my personal favorite. Green gems always have a certain warmth to the eye than any other colored gems. Let’s look at some of the best green gems in the world in terms of their value, density and, of course, beauty.  

The most valuable green gems

1. Emerald

It would be rude not to give the first place on this list to emeralds. Emeralds are special gems of beautiful green that have captivated the ancient kings and lords of history. The beauty of a single emerald can encompass the greenery of an entire scene. Emeralds have been the heart and soul of many ancient poetries.

People love emeralds for their clear, gentle green. Emeralds are transparent and have a refreshing clarity. The people of Rome revered emeralds and decreed that no emerald must be engraved on and must be preserved in its original state.  

Emerald is of the beryl family and is of the same mineral that gives us the blue-green aquamarine. Perfect clear green emeralds are very rare. Most of them come with surface fissures. Most emeralds are heat treated. Untreated and naturally green emeralds are rare and very valuable. Emeralds have a toughness of 7.5-8 Mohs, but they must be treated with care.


2. Green Diamond

One of the most valuable green gems are green diamonds. Green diamonds are so rare that they are hardly available. The only green diamonds you might be able to see are in museums. And of course, they are very expensive. Genuine green diamonds are beautiful and sparkly. The Dresden green diamond is the most famous green diamond in the world. Green diamonds are very tough, just like all diamonds and their green hue is very minimal.


3. Peridot

The Peridot comes with a unique green color, unlike any other gem. The most valuable Peridots range from lime to olive green. However, Peridot is weak on the hardness scale, only measuring about 7Mohs. Peridot wears away with use. This stone is found only in volcanic deposits or areas with violent volcanic activity. 

Peridots can be cut into different shapes like marquise, squares, and ovals. Since the stone is quite fragile, it must be set on a protective setting for jewelry. 


4. Green Sapphire

Green sapphires vary from light to medium green color. They may also come with secondary colors like blue and yellow. It’s hard and durable and also very rare. The green pigment in sapphires is caused by trace amounts of iron during formation. Green sapphires have a toughness rate of 9 Mohs on the toughness scale. Heat-treating sapphires will give a more brilliant color to them. Green Sapphires can cost you about $1000 per carat or lower.


5. Aquamarine

I have mentioned Aquamarine stones under my list of the best blue gemstones as well. The reason? Aquamarine stones range from blue to green, though they are mostly a beautiful sea green in color. This stone comes from the beryl family and is cut into a smooth hexagonal shape. The Indians preferred to shape Aquamarines into long prisms, and length enhances their beauty. Beryls also naturally occurs in hexagonal prisms.


6. Jade

Jade is a deep green stone with a milky hue. Jade consists of two chemically separate minerals; Jadeite and nephrite. Translucent Jade is rare and expensive. The “Imperial Jade” was a much-valued stone in China. Natural jade is hard to find as most pieces are dyed. Jade is fairly soft, with 6 Mohs on the toughness scale. Jadeite is rarely faceted and cuts into cabochons and smooth cuts. It’s expensive, depending on its carving, artistry, and size. 

7. Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gorgeous green gemstone. These crystals are also called Verdelite. Tourmaline shows multiple colors in light (pleochroism). And many green Tourmalines have secondary colors of blue. They get their green shades from chromium. They are a great alternative to emeralds, sporting much better clarity for a lower price. Verdelite can cost about $100-$150 per carat.


8. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is pure green-colored quartz. Some of the best praise is equal to Emerald in tint, though not in luster. Chrysoprases are quite hard, rating 7 Mohs. These gemstones occur due to the inclusion of nickel. 


9. Moss Agate

Moss Agate is perhaps the cheapest, most plentiful, and also one of the most beautiful green gemstones of all. Moss Agate is translucent or transparent quartz, distinguished by moss-like green inclusions. This gives the stone the appearance of containing vegetable remains or moss. The fines Moss Agate comes from India. This gem is used in landscape jewelry, cut into shapes that represent a certain landscape. Moss Agate can be even more beautiful as a piece of art than a gemstone.


Green gemstones are beautiful. Some are very valuable and rare, while others are quite inexpensive. Naturally, green gems are rare, and most have to be heat-treated to bring out the color. Recognizing a natural green and valuable gemstone requires a lot of expertise. Green gemstones look incredible on jewelry, and without a doubt, the Emerald is the most beautiful and valuable green gem of all.

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