Do Lab Created Gemstones Work for Astrology?


Do lab-created gemstones work for astrology? Astrological gemstones are very popular as they are believed to have certain positive qualities and healing properties for the wearer. But natural gemstones are very expensive.

Lab-created gems are not fake gems imitations. They are very popular due to being much less expensive than earth-mined ones, having fewer flaws, and having a lighter carbon footprint. Lab-created gems are actually the real deal. They are sparkly, very dense, and beautiful for jewelry. Their only flaw is that they do not follow the recipe of nature.

A normal person would find it very hard to tell the difference between a lab-created gem and a real one. But despite being so similar to the earth-mined gem, the question remains: do lab-created gemstones work for astrology? Do they have the same magical properties, healing qualities, energy, and vibrations present in natural gemstones?

Do lab-created gemstones work for astrology?

Before we answer the question of doing lab-created gemstones work for astrology, we need to discuss whether gemstones ‘work’ at all and how they can harness and harbor energy. There are two theories as to how it happens. Both of which I have discussed in my articles “How do gemstones work for astrology?
Now that we have got past how gemstones work, let’s discuss if lab-created gems work for astrology. The plain answer is a big No.

I know. I cannot really prove this because I cannot scientifically prove that even natural gemstones have these magical properties, but assuming that they do, lab-created gemstones definitely would not share the same properties as natural earth-mined gemstones. To say it simply, lab-created gemstones are clinically dead. Let me explain.

If you manage to create a robot with the ultimate version of Artificial Intelligence so much that it can speak, understand, and respond by itself, have we succeeded in creating a human being? Can we say it is alive? Of course not. How gemstones work is similar. Earth-mined natural gemstones have certain unique properties that even labs with the best technology available cannot mimic.

Natural gemstones are created under very rare and bizarre circumstances. They happened many years ago under the correct circumstances and resonate with the life that Mother Earth gave them. Most astrologists claim that the vibrations they get from earth-mined gems are much more powerful than lab-created gems that are comparatively devoid of any sort of cosmic energy.

Human beings may be scientifically savvy and technologically clever. Yet all their endeavors to mimic anything natural have failed pathetically. Humans can never create babies in a lab (test-tube babies are not entirely artificial), and they cannot fly like birds (airplanes are different). They cannot even artificially grow a single plant with an artificially manufactured seed. As far as I see it, their interference with nature has only depleted the earth’s resources and caused more problems than we can handle.

Lab-created gemstones may be successful in looking exactly like natural gemstones but minus the high price and carbon footprint. But do lab-created gemstones work for astrology? No. No matter how much they look like gems, they are not real gems. They are perfect for jewelry. They are a cost-effective option for your diamonds. But they cannot provide the same healing and astrological properties as natural gemstones.

So do lab-created gemstones work for astrology?

No. But the question still does remain if gemstones have astrological powers at all. Personally, I don’t chase after gemstones for positive vibrations. I would depend on the energy of a good book instead or some heartwarming food. But to the question, of-do lab-created gemstones work for astrology. The answer is an obvious no, as far as I see it. Not that I can prove it in any way. But in certain things, we just have to trust our intuition.

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