How Do Astrological Gemstones Work? All About the Charm and Magic of Gems.

how do astrological gemstones work

How do astrological gemstones work? Or do they work at all? Some wholeheartedly believe in the powers of an earth-mined gemstone, while others, like me, are skeptical. Gemstones are stones, after all. They may be precious, and they may be rare. They may be made up of the strongest atomic bonds on earth, and they may have the most unearthly luminescence you have ever seen. But to say that gemstones can heal and have certain powers, aren’t we going a bit too far?

Maybe not. As a skeptic, I was curious about the healing effects of gemstones because I have come across spas that provide treatment with gemstones. I was curious to know if it really did work or if it was all just a big farce. And I was curious about how astrological gemstones work.

How do astrological gemstones work?

One theory of how they work is that each type of gemstone holds a different kind of energy. All matter has energy. All people have energy. By energy, I do not mean the exertion we do but certain kind of vibrations that have an effect on us and our environment. For instance, a smile can make another person happy. How? Due to its positive energy that has an effect on the other person. These types of ‘energy’ are never scientifically recognized or proven, but they do exist.

So astrological gemstones supposedly work by aligning our energies with the energies of the universe. Each person will have a gemstone that is best suited to their disposition, nature, and birth sign. And each gemstone is supposed to be connected to a different planet or star. By connecting with these gemstones closely, they tap into the energy of the planet or star and can gain healing or certain abilities through it.
How do astrological gemstones work? There is another interesting theory. Gemstones are said to have their own unique vibrations or energy. By wearing these stones, they help us balance our own energy levels and vibration.

A high-quality natural gemstone can supposedly have a significant impact on our lives. It can promote harmony, peace, and stability within us. A good gemstone will have all positive impacts on a human, and a bad one can cause discord and chaos. The wavelengths of gemstones supposedly have a direct impact on the lives of people.

In using astrological gemstones for healing and positivity, however, they must be untreated, uncut, and as flawless as possible. A pure stone with vivid color without being treated is said to be very powerful.
Astrological beliefs in gemstones suggest that it’s very important for a wearer to wear a gemstone in accordance with their birth month. Because a gemstone cannot solve the negative influence of a planet but only strengthen it. An imbalance in the wearer’s energy field will cause discord and stress.

So do astrological gemstones really work? The truth

Nobody can ever prove that astrological gemstones work. Or that they don’t work, for that matter. As far as I am concerned, it is a belief. A belief that is strong in some and non-existent in others. I am not suggesting that we discard the idea of gemstones having any power at all.

While it is important to be skeptical, it is also important to look at such beliefs with an open mind. I suggest that if gemstones can be used for healing and stabilizing our energies, then why not give them a try? After all, we have nothing to lose except, of course, a significant portion of our money….

This brings me to the question-Gemstones can only be afforded by the rich. So are these ‘powers’ only meant to be accessible by them? As we know, the people who owned the most jewelry were the kings and queens of the past. So do only the privileged deserve the energies that these stones have to offer? These are questions nobody has answers for.

And in the end, I think it’s best we rely on the energies and vibrations we all carry within ourselves. I suggest we rely on the positive charm and magic of the birds singing, the trees sighing, and the water trickling by. I suggest we rely on the energies of our smiles and the strong hearts of loved ones to help us stand up and face the tribulations of life with courage.

Moonstones are one of the most sought-after astrological gemstones of the world. Its very rare and is believed to have unique healing properties. There is only one place in the world where blue moonstones are found-Meetiyagoda in Sri Lanka. Take a journey through the Moonstone mines of Sri Lanka to learn all about it.

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