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What is Gem Dealer License?

A Gem dealer license is a document issued by the National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka for dealers, holders, and traders of Gemstones in Sri Lanka. The National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka was incorporated under Act No.50 Of 1993 to Systematize, Improve and promote Gem & Jewellery sector in Sri Lanka. As a solution for the problems faced by gem dealers, the NGJA has introduced Gem Dealer License to overcome every possible drawback.


Documents Required to Get Gem Dealer License, Sri Lanka

In the following article, we will be guiding every one of you to get a Dealer License to hold, trade, exchange & export LKR.2 Million Worth of Gemstones.  To get a Dealer License of more than LKR.2 Million+ the procedure and documents required are quite different.

Documents Required

  1. Grama Niladari Certificate.
  2. Police Report.
  3. Gem Dealer Application.
  4. I.C/ Driving License Photocopy.
  5. Stamp Size Photograph.
  • Grama Niladari Certificate – To get the G.S. Certificate Initially we should write a request letter addressing G.S. Sir requesting a certify your stay at your address.
  • Police Report – To get the Police Report we should get The G.S. Certificate first. Then along with the photocopy of the G.S. Certificate, N.I.C we should write a request letter addressing The Office In charge, Police Station mentioning that you are going to get a Gem Dealer License and ask to address the report to National Gem and Jewellery Authority mentioning that you have no any criminal records or complains related to Gem Industry.
  • Gem Dealer Application – You can Download the Gem Dealer Application by Clicking here.
  • Stamp Size Photograph – This is required if you wish to export Gemstones to other countries. Keep in mind to export gems you should minimum apply for LKR.500,000/- Gem Dealer License.


Locations Where you can obtain Gem License


No.12, Macksons Tower, Alfred House Garden, Colombo-03, Sri Lanka.

Tel     –  +94112390645

Email –


Departure Public Concourse & Walkway Bandaranayaka International Airport , Katunayaka ,Sri Lanka.

Tel     –    +94112325364

Email –


National Gem and Jewellery Authority – Regional Office Matara.

Tel    –     +9441222330


National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Eheliyagoda.

Tel    –     +94362258170


National Gem and Jewellery Authority – Regional Office, Naula.

Tel     –     +94662246094


Frank Hettiarachchi Street, Rathnapura.

Tel    –    +94452223592


Fees Table

Below mentioned values are to obtain Gem Dealer License in Sri Lanka.

Stock Value (Rs.) License Fee (Rs.)
100000 Up to 1200.00
500000 Up to 3000.00
1000000 Up to 5000.00
2000000 Up to 10000.00
3000000 Up to 12000.00
5000000 Up to 16500.00
10000000 Up to 20000.00
20000000 Up to 25000.00
20000000 Over 35000.00

This fee includes VAT and 10% stamp duty (subject to a maximum of Rs. 2000.00)

One-day fare (extra payment) – Rs. 1000.00 + VAT

For color card Rs. 1000.00 + VAT

(Following Rates are From NGJA Website)



  • We can get the Gem Dealer License Up-to LKR.2 Million without Business Registration and Bank Statements.
  • The stock values mentioned above are the Value of Gemstones that anyone can hold, Trade, or Export on a Single day in the Calendar Year.



Uses & Advantages Of Having A Gem Dealer License

  • Getting the legal Authority to Buy, Sell, Hold, Exchange, and export Gemstones.
  • It is a Legal Document to prove your Profession in Gem Industry.
  • To gain the trust of International Clients.
  • To prove ownership and not guilty to gem-related Complaints.
  • To get Business Visas to Visit Gem and Jewelry Exhibitions throughout the world. Etc.

Therefore it is important to gain a Gem dealer License from The Gem And Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka to be a Part of the Gem & Jewellery Industry of Sri Lanka.


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      Yes A foreigner can get Gem Dealer License After Registering as Private Limited Company In Sri Lanka (LLC)

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