Amazing information about 12 Rare gems found in Sri Lanka

Rare gems found in Sri Lanka

Amazing information about 12 Rare gems found in Sri Lanka

Gems are Beautiful, Rare, and durable materials which formed organically, Inorganically, or Artificially. These gemstones are cut & polished to bring them to the best color, Lustre, Brilliance, and Beauty. In Sri Lanka, more than 75 Varieties of Gemstones are found but there are only a few varieties found to be Rare Gemstones found in Sri Lanka due to its extremely rare to find in Sri Lankan Gem Mines.

Rare Gemstones Found In Sri Lanka

  1. Sinhalite
  2. Apatite
  3. Iolite
  4. Diopside
  5. Andalusite
  6. Kunzite
  7. Axinite
  8. Kornerupine
  9. Taaffeite
  10. Dunilite
  11. Ekanite
  12. Gahno Spinel

Why these gemstones are rare in Sri Lanka?

Due to the scarce tendency of mining or finding these gemstones are called Rare Gemstones Found in Sri Lanka. Rare Gemstones can be mainly divided into 2 main types. They are Rare Gemstones and Extremely Rare Gemstones. Rare gemstones are habitually found in Sri Lanka when compared to extremely rare gemstones. Extremely rare gems are really uncommon and found less throughout Sri Lanka and prices are on the higher side.

                 Rare Gemstones Of Sri Lanka

01. Rare Gems                                                   

  1. Sinhalite
  2. Apatite
  3. Iolite
  4.  Diopside
  5.  Andalusite
  6.  Kunsite
  7.  Kornerupine
  8.  Axinite

02. Extremely Rare Gems

  1. Taaffeite
  2. Ekanite
  3. Dunilite
  4. Gahno Spinel

Rare Gems

Sinhalite is the name for a gemstone given in Sinhala due to it is initially founded in Sri Lanka. Sinhalite can also be found in Madagascar, Tanzania, and Myanmar. Mohs scale Hardness is between 6.5-7 and forms in Orthorhombic Crystal System. Sinhalite can be seen in brown, yellow, brownish yellow & greenish brown. Even though it is a rare gemstone the price is relatively low due to its dull hue.

Apatite can be found in blue-green and dark green colors in Sri Lanka. Apatite is mainly mined in Brazil, Mexico, and Burma, but can also be found in Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Madagascar, etc. Mohs scale Hardness is 5 for Apatite gems and Crystal System is Hexagonal crystal system.

Iolite is one of the best gemstones to spot pleochroism with the naked eye. Can be mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Namibia, Madagascar, India Etc. Formed in an orthorhombic crystal system. Even though it is rare in Sri Lanka, but can be commonly found in other parts of the world. Mohs scale Hardness is 7-7.5.

Diopside is a gemstone that is found in light green to brownish green colors. Diopside gemstones Mohs scale Hardness is 5.5-6.5. Diopsides are found in Canada, South Africa, Russia Brazil, and Sri Lanka. Diopside is formed in Monoclinic Crystal System.

Andalusite can be found in green and brown colors. Andalusite can be identified easily by its Red color tint in cut & Polished gems. Can spot Trichorism from the naked eye. Andalusite is formed in Orthorhombic Crystal System. Mohs scale hardness of Andalusite is 6.5-7.5. The price of Andalusite is moderate. Andalusite can be found in Sri Lanka & South Africa.

Kunzite is a beautiful gemstone from Spodumene gem Variety. Kunzite is a pink-colored gorgeous rare gem found in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States. Kunsite’s Mohs scale hardness is 6.5-7. Kunzite form in a Monoclinic Crystal system. These Gorgeous gemstone prices are moderately high due to their beauty.

Kornerupine can be found in dark green, yellowish green, and brownish green colors. Cat’s eye and Star effect can be seen in some Kornerupine gemstones. This gemstone forms in Orthorhombic Crystal System. Mohs Scale hardness is 7. The price of Kornerupine is relatively low. Kornerupine can be mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Canada, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Axinite forms in Triclinic Crystal System. This gemstone can be seen in brown, brownish purple, and brownish red. Mohs scale hardness is 6-7.5. Axinite gemstone is mined in Sri Lanka, Russia, South Africa Etc.



Extremely Rare Gems

Taaffeite is a beautiful gemstone found with purple and pink spinel. Identified as a different gem variety in the Year 1945. Taaffeite can be easily segregated with spinels using a polariscope or Spinel card since Taaffeite is Double refractive gemstone. Mohs scale hardness is 8-8.5. Taaffeites can be seen in purplish blue, blue, colorless, and red colors. Taaffeites are mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and China. Taaffeites are extremely rare due to their scarcity the price is very high.

Ekanite is a highly radioactive gemstone identified by Sri Lankan Scientist F.L.D.Ekanayake. Mostly mined in Sri Lanka and Russia. Ekanite Mohs scale hardness is 4.5. Ekanite is formed in Tetragonal Crystal System. The price of Ekanite is very low but due to demand prices may increase.

Dunilite is another gemstone identified by Sri Lankan Gemologist Dunil Palitha Gunasekera (F.G.A). Mohs scale hardness of Dunilite is 6.5. Dunilite gem is formed Orthorhombic Crystal System. Dunilite is mostly found in Sri Lanka. The price of Dunilite is relatively low.

Gahno Spinel is Spinel Variety rich in Zinc. Most Gahno Spinels are found in Rathnapura District, Sri Lanka. Gahno Spinel is formed in Cubic Crystal System. Gahno Spinel is extremely rare due to its scarcity the price is relatively high when compared to Spinel Gemstones.


Three single octahedra of natural gahnite spinel, approximately 1.5 ct apiece, from Kagoro State, Nigeria.


Gemstones are Beautiful, Rare, and durable stones that are formed Naturally or Artificially. Gemstones are expensive due to their rarity and uncommonness. Rare gemstones are even scared or rarer than other gemstones found. In Sri Lanka there are more than 11 varieties of gemstones that are rare, These gems are called Rare Gemstones Found In Sri Lanka. Rare Gems can be divided into two main groups Rare Gemstones and Extremely Rare Gemstones. Not all rare and extremely rare gemstones are expensive. The price of the gemstone depends on the rarity, beauty, and usability (non-radioactive) of the gem.

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